Wood Stoves

Burn on "NO Burn Nights"

All of our stoves meet the new 2020 EPA requirements

In the United States, EPA certified wood heaters are mandatory. As of May 2020, the allowed emissions were reduced from 4.5 g/hour to no more than 2 g/hour. Some municipalities may also have by-laws requiring the installation of EPA-certified wood heaters in the absence of a state-wide regulation.

Whether you need to heat 250 square feet or 2,700 square feet, we have the woodstove for you.

From traditional to contemporary styles, all of our wood stoves provide a unique view of the wood fire while providing high-efficiency heat.

Our new-generation wood stoves come from the drawing board to you, backed by the advanced technology of Solid-Edge, a 3-D software design program. Our stoves feature an aesthetically pleasing cast-iron door, hidden latch and hinges, and extra-large glass window.

Most models can be customized with different door frame colors, decorative legs, and blowers.

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove

Designed to meet the needs of smaller spaces, the Osburn 1700 combines robustness and elegance to allow you to enjoy your heating experience with confidence. This unit is equipped with high-density bricks, a cast iron door, a built-in ash pan, a top heat deflector that redirects heat to the front of the unit, and side panels to reduce its clearances.

​Choose your favorite version by customizing the unit to suit your style: refined door overlays and new leg designs, significant innovations for the most seasoned experts. Exceeding air quality regulations with emissions as low as 1.26 g/h, the Osburn 1700's efficiency will save you time and money.